Road tax refund system

Field Mate Road tax refund system is New Zealand Government approved to allow the vehicle operator to record off road distance traveled and claim off road mileage. This system has NO monthly fees, and does not need GPS.

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Fertilizer spreader control

Fertilizer spreader controller can control either a single floor fert spreader or a twin floor fert spreader. The system accepts inputs for spreading width, material density, door height and desired spreading rate in kg per hectare.

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Electric Drive Seed Drill ….. Precision Seeding

Precision seed drill control solution for both singular seeding and applying seed weight over an area of land. Both systems work only with our custom built electric motors making an E-drive solution that is accurate, easy to use and reliable.

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Area measurement

Area measurement for seed drills, mowers... any implement. The monitor can be supplied displaying simple area measured or boost up with shaft monitors, reporting, hour timers... talk to us, we have the solution you are looking for.

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Spare Parts

FieldMate III BASE Area Monitor

FieldMate III BASE area monitor. Displays Area only. Area resolution .000 hectares. Complete kit include monitor, sensor, magnet, 6meter drill loom, cigarette power connection.

Part code:Part# FM3_AREA_BASE
Price: $850nz+GST

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Solid Mount

Window Suction mount with special locking screws(not shown) to allow the FieldMate monitor to connect the the mount.

Part code:Part# FM-RAM-MOUNT
Price: $140

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USB to Serial Convert


Part code:Part# DL-USB-SER
Price: $100

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Reed Switch Magnet

Use to trigger the Speed , slow shaft monitoring, Run/Hold sensor.

Part code:Part# REED-MAGNET
Price: $25

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FieldMate III BASE E-drive

FieldMate III BASE Edrive. Designed for Gravity Feed drill (Not Air Seeders) with single bin. For Drills that do not need LOW BIN or FAN speed monitoring. The Kit contains : Monitor, Custom built wiring loom to suit your drill, Drive unit, Motor, Calibration Switch.

Part code:Part# FM3_EDRIVE_BASE_1
Price: $5000nz+GST

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Reed Switch Sensor

Magnetic Reed Switch Sensor. Supplied with or with out 3 pin water proof connector...

Part code:Part# REED-SENSOR
Price: $110

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Power Cable

Connects between the tractor supply and the FieldMate system.

Part code:Part# C-PWR
Price: $20

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DB15 to 7 Pin Plug Cable

Part code:C-DB15-7PIN-PWR
Price: $100

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D7 Pin Extension Cable

Part code:C-7PIN-EXT
Price: $30

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DB15 2m Extension Cable

Part code:234567
Price: $30

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